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I have abandoned this WordPress site for a Drupal site found here: Please visit!


The Chipaphone (aka: plans for my next quarter break)

Oryx + Crake

Below is my most recent production work for the band Oryx and Crake:

Album comes out on August 28.

Click here to purchase album


The Oryx and Crake track, Fun Funeral, ended up in the Hype Machine today. Never knew this whole world existed until today and I feel like I looked through the looking glass. If you’re interested, here is Fun Funeral on Hype Machine: Fun Funeral.

Wiitles on CNN

Been so slack about posting here lately that I somehow forgot to post about The Wiitles being featured on Totally strange seeing us on the front page of a major news organization’s web site for two days. Here it is below (the comments are worth a few reads alone):

Oryx and Crake Web Site

Oryx and Crake have a new web site up at this address: The artwork reflects the upcoming release from the band, coming out August 28, 2010.

Mixing Sound for Film

Below is an interview with multiple Oscar winning sound mixer Russell Williams by NPR. Very cool stuff: