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My name is Ryan Peoples and I am a graduate student studying sound design.  Currently I am working on two animations and putting together material for two different music groups; The Wiitles and Oryx and Crake.  I am starting this blog amidst my most tumultuous summer yet.  This summer has seen the loss of my dad, who had suffered through a highly aggressive brain tumor for the better part of the last twelve months.  But tragedy often pairs with its opposite, and a couple of months ago my wife and I found out she was pregnant (and it was by me!!).  These subjects may seem strange fodder for a blog centering around sound design and music recording, but my goal is that it to make the combination of personal life and sound design not seem strange.  Sound design and music production are art forms, and good art imitates life and good life imitates art.  Too many in this field (many of my fellow students and my professors fall into this group) seem to concerned with what technology they are using and what is coming around the corner with little concern with the kind of things that go into making memorable and inspiring art.  That’s what this blog will be: sound, art, life, and how all three interact and sum together.  Please stay tuned and enjoy.