Before I jump in and start talking about my art, I thought I’d take a little time to tell a little more about myself.  I hate Republicans.  It’s not so much that I hate Republcans as people, my mom, for example, is a really kind and nurturing person, it’s just that I hate the characteristics of a person that make them think Republican… I hate their “Republicanism”.  A point of pride for me is that, whenever I’ve been chided into a political argument by a Republican, I’ve never lost an argument without the Republican arguer eventually succumbing to a perceived loss of rationality (“(fill in blank) just frighten me” or “What are you, French?”).  I can usually, to my mind, at least, take the logic high ground.  However, last night, I quickly fell from atop my high ground into a gaping hole.  I went over to a friend’s house that I am scoring an animation with (more on this animation later) and, while we were setting up microphones to record guitar in his make shift studio, we turned on the Republican National Convention for some comic relief.  There I was, laughing it up at everything any one of those “inferior intellects” had to say when, suddenly, something happened that immediately caused me to fall.  A close-up on the TV focused solely on a certain senator’s wife that also happens to have been my fifth-grade teacher.  This woman, who was always kind to my family and I, had, some years ago, caught me in the act of my most heinous moral violation yet.  “Brandy’s Booger Brigade” the name of my comic book collaboration with a boy with the last name of Strange.  And when said fifth grade teacher had her little talk with us later concerning “Brandy’s Booger Brigade”, and told us all about how said Brandy had been badly abused as a child by her own parents and, quite frankly, was still not being treated very well by her own grandparents, I knew my life would never be the same.  So every time I have seen my fifth grade teacher since then, I turn into that same shamed boy on the day that he realized that “Brandy’s Booger Brigade” was far from funny.  Every time I see her, my logical high ground falls to pieces.  She could probably tell me that George Bush is a genius and I’d have no choice but to agree.  So last night, after seeing her face, seemingly looking just like she did when I was in the fifth grade, my mood changed to a somber one as I unrolled some XLRs and set up the stereo condensers.  My next post will definitely consist of nothing but art, starting with my own performance art group, “The Wiitles”, who are being featured in Mix magazine next month.

  1. congrats (condolences?) on the kid!

    ryan m has a virus that spammed me (and you) and as i was looking to see who else it went to i saw you promote this blog to andy, so i stopped by. as an anti-state zealot, i couldn’t help but comment on this post.

    i share your disgust with republicans. but it doesn’t end with republicans; it’s the entire bought and paid for fascist establishment (and yes, that includes them all). i have no affiliation with any political party and denounce politics in general as the basis for criminal enterprise.

    i have a blog dedicated to market anarchism (the hard core of libertarianism). whenever i see someone deferring to logic, yet remaining an establishmentarian partisan (i know that sounds like a epithet, but i don’t mean it that way) i feel the need to propose a truly logical alternative.

    i’m looking forward to that feature in mix!


    • ryanpeoples
    • September 8th, 2008

    I really wanted that story to be more of a funny anecdote than the invitation for a political discussion, but I can’t help myself. It’s funny, a few weeks back I took this political quiz that is supposed to tell you where you fall on the scale from left to right/liberal to conservative, etc. The quiz results informed me that I was, in fact, a liberal-libertarian. Seeming, at first, to be contradictory, I had to think about it for a while before I understood myself. I’m all about government going away when it comes to matters of personal choice, but it is precisely the market where libertarianism loses me. I read Atlas Shrugged a while back and all the extreme libertarian ideals seemed a little too optimistically fruity. I love how, in the book, the genius-boss-innovators pay their employees better than anyone else and are also the kindest (albeit selfish) people in the world. I have this strange feeling that these bosses in real life might be kind of assholish and pay their employees in dirt that they could eat. I guess reality is where market libertarianism breaks down for me. I was a public school teacher for a number of years and I can say that market libertarianism will not work for a huge number of those children. Despite some of these of these kids mental and physical fitness, thanks to inherent human traits like racism, classism, cronyism, etc., some smart and fit people will never have a chance in a dog-eat-dog world. I think that one of the government’s responsibilities should be to help it’s citizens out. We are able to be conscious of those people around us who suffer. That consciousness combined with compassion is, in fact, what separates people from the dogs.

  2. i’ve actually never read any rand. a defining book for clearing up misconceptions about market anarchism and libertarianism in general (some of which i see in your post) is morris and linda tannehill’s “the market for liberty” ( ).
    anyway, i didn’t mean to encroach on your personal space with unwanted (anti) political discussion. i’ll be sure to stop in every now and then to catch that mix feature!

    • ryanpeoples
    • September 11th, 2008

    Cool. Well the Mix feature is out now:

    Thanks for checking it out. Hope you enjoy!


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