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I have been meaning to post a whole bunch of my sound design work on my online sound design portfolio, the aptly named, Ryan Peoples Sound.  However, my problem getting that off the ground is two-fold:

1) Web design is a completely new field for me, and

2) the same problem that so many of us involved in the arts have, finding the time to overcome web design’s steep learning curve and building a web gallery.

These problems will be overcome.  But in the meantime, I ask that you check out some sound work I have done that someone else posted online.  This site, Americanafication, is a site devoted to a little animation project that I did the sound and music for.

Be sure to check out the explanation and the process pages for an interesting peak into the development of this short.


Ahhhhh. Ryan’s First Web Site

Check out my first attempt to make a web site in Flash.  The site is for my band Oryx and Crake, and along with some serious art done by my friend and artist extraordinaire,Heather Tompkins, I feel like we’ve really built a site that does the band justice.  There is still plenty of work to be done, but I was kind of excited to go ahead and put this one out there.  Also, if you haven’t yet done so, check out Oryx and Crake’s myspace page and make yourself a friend of ours.

Norman Mclaren

Another new love of mine.  The beginning music sounds an awful lot like the electronic music of Raymond Scott. 

Oskar Fischinger

I have only recently discovered the work of the experimental genius, Oskar Fischinger.  As of late, I have kind of been obsessed with the combination of abstract images and music/sound, and plan on using some of the ideas I have run across in my thesis.

The video I have posted is the only one on Youtube currently posted, leading me to believe that whoever owns the rights to Fischinger’s work is probably searching out the illicit copies on the web and making them disappear.  No telling how long this video will be allowed to stay online, so enjoy it while you can.