The Wrecking Crew of Sound Design

I have recently begun preparations for the sound design of a television commercial.  The company will remain undisclosed at this time, but the plot of the fifty second slot is outrageous and, thankfully, calls for some ridiculous sound design.  Trains, zombies, rock bands, and more will be somehow thrown together in under a minute.

Today is the first day of the project, and my crew of three brave designers (myself, Brandon Jiaconia, and Ana Cetina) started building up a sound library.  The first sound effect on the list: The sound of a train wrecking through the wall of a recording studio.

The first step was to go gather some props:img042

This is Brandon and I, nearly, at our most scavernous.


Our budget pretty much allowed for whatever we could find in the dumpster.  So we picked up the best looking scraps that three different Savannah dumpsters had to offer and went on back to the studio.

Complete debauchery followed.

Here is Brandon and I beginning our mess:


And here is Ana and I enjoying the after math (before the clean up):


That’s going to be all I share for now.  Come back each day for some sound samples and some more journal entries as we knock out some of the funnest sound design I have ever gotten to participate in.

  1. December 4th, 2008
  2. December 17th, 2008

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