Coke Commercial

I am delighted to say that the commercial that I have been working on (see “Adventures on the Wacky Worm”, “How to Build a Transformer”, and “The Wrecking Crew of Sound Design”) has been posted online.  The commercial is for Coke and it is part of a nationwide competition.  Ten finalists were selected from an un-Godly amount of submissions based on plot idea and animatic.  The finalists then had a short amount of time to build a fifty second commercial for Coke.  The best of these 10 finalists (as decided by a panel of judges) is to be selected on February 21 and will then play at every movie theatre in the universe for a while before every movie (because the real reason we spend our hard-earned-dough on the movies is obviously to watch commercials).

Check out the commercial by clicking on the picture below, click on the “2009 Finalists” tab and then click on “Here We Go!”


The storytellers tried to put a bit too much story into fifty seconds and the visual effects guys may have dropped the ball, but, if I do say so myself, my team of three did a damn good job on the sound design.  Especially cool is the  fact that the vast majority of the sound design, including transforming roller coasters, a studio wall crash, and a roller coaster lift off was done with a lot of original sound effects- stuff we recorded.  We also recorded the band Blue of Noon who did a great job with the sound track.  Go on and check it out.

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