The Wiitles at GDX

The Wiitles performed at the GDX (Game Developers Conference) in Savannah Georgia last Thursday (4-16-09).  We were extraordinarily received by some very cool folks who make game sound their careers such as George Sanger, Jason Arnone, Michael Sweet, and Chris Rickwood.  Below is one song from the performance:

A bit of trivia:  That’s my son Sebastian in the background, who joined us on stage for a bit.

  1. Hi, thanks for linking to my video! You guys were great.

      • ryanpeoples
      • April 19th, 2009

      Thanks man. Appreciate you letting us use your video. I think there were actually guys from Savannah’s local television station there, but, of course, they won’t give us their content… of us (makes sense right?). Would you mind if I posted it on our Myspace page as well?


  2. Hello,
    I am a picture desk editor for a french weekly magazine named VSD.
    We are talking about the Wiitles and I can’t find any pictures of them. Please, could you send me some photos of them in high-res, on stage if possible to illustrate our paper. Thank you. It is a bit urgent. Marie-Pierre lannuzel

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