Creating an ADR three beep

To create a three-beep, start by creating a mono Aux track and a mono Audio track and inserting a signal generator onto the Aux track.
pic 1

Use a bus to send from the Aux track to the Audio track.

pic 2
Use the signal generator to create two 500 kHz sine tones and a 1 kHz sine tone that are each 50 to 100 milliseconds long.

pic 3

pic 4
Next, use the Grid mode to place each tone one second apart (one second is arbitrary… if this rhythm is too slow, go with a faster spacing).

pic 5

Then highlight the track from three seconds all the way back to the beginning of the session and go to Edit and the Consolidate to create one long region with all three beeps.

pic 6

The consolidated region should look like this:

pic 7

This three beep region can now be placed directly before the line the actor is being cued for, so that the imaginary ‘fourth beat’ one second later is their cue and their entrance to the line.

You should copy this region and place it in front of all the ADR cues in the session.  That way the session will run much more smoothly.

pic 9

For overlapping beep regions, you will want to select the region and press Apple (Command), M in order to mute the overlapping beats.

pic 8

These guidlelines will save you a lot of time and anxiety in your ADR sessions.

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