Traphouse Thriller

I had never worked on anything anywhere close to Traphouse Thriller.  So, when I was asked about doing the production sound for a thriller re-make featuring the rapper Chill “Wealthy” Will, I knew I had to do it.  The concept was good, if obvious, and the rapper had a great voice to boot.  But I have to admit that it was breaking out of my comfort zone combined with the fact that I had just moved to Atlanta and felt this was the proper first project to work on that really made me want to jump on board.  The production sound, it was decided, was not worth the cost (although watching some of the awkward production sound, I kind of wish they had splurged), and so I became an actor instead (That’s me getting chased by a machete-wielding crack-zombie).  All in all, a fun Saturday night.  Now it’s time to get back to my decidedly chamber-rock roots and Wii-mote wanking.  Enjoy!

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