Oryx and Crake (the band)

safe_image.phpIt’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally getting to a place where I have achieved enough separation from the recordings my band, Oryx and Crake, made a little over a year ago, to do some mixing. I tried to mix as soon as the recordings were done and quickly realized what a terrible idea this was.  I couldn’t hear but the mistakes, and even what was played well enough seemed to be too loud or too soft at any level I tried.  A year and a couple of rerecording sessions later I think I’m finally ready for final mix mode.  The problem, of course, is how close to the album I am.  I programmed the beats using Ableton Live, played the guitar, autoharp, piano, organ, and some of the guitar, and, most personally, did almost all of the singing across the songs.  You may be thinking that I should have known better to be mixing my own music… even at this late stage of separation.  But I’m going on in spite of this, and in spite of myself.  I love this music, and I’m going to make it match my vision, even if my vision has shifted a step (or a jump) from the one I had last summer.  Stupid… maybe, but I’m having a blast.

Check it out on myspace or facebook.  If you like what you hear, add us as a friend or fan.  I’m also getting back on the promo highway, and so I’ll be sending updates about shows and posting more mixes in the short run.

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