By some strange twist of fate, I ended up with my picture in two magazines this month.  The first is in a French magazine called VSD, which seemingly covers all things fluff, although it is hard to tell since I don’t read French.  VSD had somehow come across The Wiitles, my Wii-remote rock band, and thought we’d fit nicely into their article titled (I love this) “Du jeu video a l’art geek”.  Again, I don’t speak French, but can demise that the article is about Arty Video Game Geeks.  The Wiitles will gladly take France, fits in with our plan to change the world.

Not nearly as exciting but kind of cool in context, I also am in a full sized advertisement in Mix magazine for my alma mater, the Savannah College of Art and Design.  I haven’t yet seen this since my subscription has worn out, but heard about it from one of my favorite old professors, Rob Miller.

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