Music in New Media

The link I have provided here is to an insightful essay about the state of music and music sales in the world of new media by Dave Allen:

Dear Musicians-Please be Brilliant or Get Out of the Way

Allen gives good advice when calling for musicians to push boundaries or perhaps create new systems of getting music heard and sold, but does not go into any specifics.  I like the idea of making events out of the music.  The state of music is that it serves as part of a larger system or culture.  Bands and other creative musicians have to figure out ways to sell the cultural ideas driving their music in order to make any kind of impact any more.

But this advice should not only be sought after by musicians.  Producers and even engineers should be cognizant that they are creating part of a larger whole and should understand the whole before recording and distributing any band’s material.

  1. we’re certainly entering a brave new world in terms of music distribution. Radio was once a great filter and exposure mechanism, but unfortunately our corporate overlords turned the medium into the same shade of beige that they turn everything by sucking out the soul and leaving nothing but the chasis that makes them their money.

    Thanks for the article Ryan.

    • ryanpeoples
    • December 29th, 2009

    This is a damning response to the Allen article mentioned above by Ed Bayling:

    There are some interesting points in here that ring true, but I feel like Bayling could have missed the overall point of Allen’s article: that musicians not only have to master these new marketing techniques, but must also be utterly brilliant. New ideas and creating an event worth seeing/experience must be done in order for all of this marketing to hold any water.

    • getwetsailing
    • April 20th, 2010

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